American Pie Council

Announcing the 2020 APC National Pie Championships - April 23-25, 2020 at the Renaissance SeaWorld, Orlando, FL

Amateur pie makers, professional bakers/chefs and commercial pie companies from around the country and Canada have been competing at the NPC since 1995. The APC has created a standard of quality in pie making on all levels. We have a well-established record in the pie-judging field for both amateur bakers, professional and commercial bakers alike. Our commercial members have shown that winning an APC award can substantially increase sales and market share in that category and the competition gets tougher each year.  

Check here in the Fall for the 2020 applications and entry forms.




American Pie Council’s

2019 Pie Learning Center

Renaissance Sea World, Orlando, FL



Thursday, April 11, 2019 - National Pie Championships, Commercial & Independent Baker Division


5:30-7:00PM - Welcome Reception, Commercial and Independent Bakers, Sponsors


Friday, April 12, 2019 - National Pie Championships Commercial Division


6:30-8:30AM - Registration of Commercial NPC Entries


9:00 - Pie Judging Begins


8:45AM – Welcome


9:00-9:45 - Session I


 10:00-10:45 - Session II


11:00-11:45PM - Session III


12:00-1:15PM - Holton Food Products Luncheon, Commercial, Independent Bakers and Sponsors, Washington Update, American Bakers Association


1:45-2:00PM - Session IV


2:15-3:00PM - Session V                                                         


6:00PM - Colborne Foodbotics, D&W Fine Foods, Pie Reception and Awards Ceremony

Saturday, April 12, 2019- National Pie Championships, Amateur & Professional Division


7:00-8:00AM - Amateur Pie Registration


8:00- 8:45AM - Professional Pie Registration


9:00AM - Pie Judging Begins


9:00AM – Welcome


9:15-10:00AM – Session I


10:15-11:00AM - Session II


11:15-12:00PM - Session III


12:00-1:30PM – Lunch, Amateur and Professional Bakers, Sponsors


1:45-2:30PM - Session IV


4:00PM - Pie Party!!!


 6:30PM - NPC Awards Ceremony, Amateur and Professional Divisions